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What is Etorphine?

Once the required dose of etorphine (also known as Large Animal Immobilon or M99) has been withdrawn from the vial it is strongly recommended that the needle be removed from the syringe and discarded into a closed container. A sterile needle should then be inserted into the injection site and the syringe containing the etorfine connected to it. Wear gloves. Do not pressurise the contents of the etorphin vial. An eye and skin wash should be made available. An assistant capable of giving an injection of reversing agent should be present whenever etorfin is used. The veterinary surgeon should fully brief the assistant on the procedure and indicate whether diprenorphine is to be considered as an antidote in the event of personal accident. To minimise risk of accident when injecting etorfine i.v., the Portex Minivein or similar equipment can be used. Immobilise only one animal at a time and keep it under constant supervision at all stages. In cases of respiratory failure, inject diprenorphine (also known as diprenorfine, diprenorfin, diprenorphin, M5050 or Large Animal Revivon) immediately and maintain artificial ventilation.

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